Pattern: ET Faces

This design was Inspired by an extraterrestrial pendant I own, and this guy came to life! I had to make him green. Of course he’s smiling, he’s a friendly ET ;) It started with a pencil sketch and is now a pattern for sale on a variety of product at Red Bubble and Society6.
I messed around with the curve of the eye and head, and the placement of the eyes and mouth. In the sketch below on the left, the eyes are right. First sketch on the right the eyes were too high up. Placement is important!
Once happy with the way it looked, I brought it into Photoshop to make it into a pattern.

Regular Mugs and Travel Mugs at Red Bubble, among other cool products!

Window Curtains at Society6! Crafted with 100% lightweight polyester, and thick enough to block out some light. Position the curtain rod into the 4″ pocket and you’re good to go. All curtains are a single-sided print and measure 50″ x 84″. Available in single or double panel options. Machine wash cold (no bleach!) and tumble dry low.

So many to choose from, have a look > RB | S6

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