Artist Statement

The art I make reveres individual expressions of life energy in humanity and nature. Originality is being true to the core of one’s self. Originality comes forth directly from the source, and goes straight to the heart. It’s your imagination, the feeling of energy flowing through you that is life. The variety of life before us has always fascinated me.

My favourite mediums are pencil, watercolour, acrylic, and ink. I experiment as well!

I do this because art can move us past the confines of time, space and matter into love, authenticity and awareness. Art bypasses the cognitive brain and connects you to higher realms. This shifts you to a heart-centered consciousness. When enough have this perspective, we can change the planet.

Respecting each other and the right to have different perspectives, we are further from conflict and closer to world peace. Diversity actually makes the world a better place. It’s a sacred law of the Universe that each soul is allowed to walk its path. Our Universe is based upon freedom. Freedom to choose your focus and therefore your expressions. Let’s celebrate it the way we celebrate the diversity of individual expressions in nature!

The making of art comes from beyond this realm, but my formal studies were at Georgian College and the Ontario College of Art.

More about me here.

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